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Crocus Modeller Fresh UML tool for Flash Platform!

April 12, 2012

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Crocus Modeller Fresh UML tool for Flash Platform!

Crocus Modeller Fresh UML tool for Flash Platform!

Starting ActionScript Programming part two
In the second part of this series, Huw Collingbourne shows how to write functions and explains the fundamental features of ActionScript’s Object Orientation.

Stage3D Opens The Doors To a New Gaming Era On The Internet
It has been a long time since Adobe showed off at MAX 2010 their Stage3D technology. Now, we are just off with an official release in early October (October 3th to be precise), and it has Stage3D have included in Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 client technologies.

Creating a Statement of Work for Your Flash/ Flex Projects Using Our Own MyMeTM Game Project to Outline a SOW Structure
Expanding the structure of our MyMeTM Game Statement of Work (overview) that outlines the main areas for the development of our project. Full detailed SOW sample can be downloaded at:

Interview with Laurent Hasson
I focus on bringing together a technical strategy and execution plan to deliver the next generation mobile Web platform for BlackBerry phones and tablets. Using the WebKit engine and the WebWorks platform, i work with senior executives, product management, marketing, partners and developers to help define the technical aspects of a powerful and open Web platform, integrating with established community players such as Dojo, Sencha, jQuery and PhoneGap.
- Grzegorz Tabaka and Marta Jabłońska

Crocus Modeller
Crocus Modeller is an UML Class diagram creator for us, Flash and Flex Developers. It helps us during the creation phase, as well, as in the documentation.

Applied Design Patterns Singleton
Hi, dudes, how are you doing? Well last month i talked about developing a chat application with Flex and using a server developed with Ruby/EventMachine.

Crocus Modeller Fresh UML tool for Flash Platform!Crocus Modeller Fresh UML tool for Flash Platform! – Flash&Flex Developer’s Magazine 11/2011
Crocus Modeller Fresh UML tool for Flash Platform!

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