Codersky – Programming Python, Android, HTML5 Applications 5/2012

Programming Python, Android, HTML5 Applications
Programming Python, Android, HTML5 Applications

Programming Python, Android, HTML5 Applications

How To Start Programming With Python?
By Shafiul Azam
Python is something more than another cross-platform. One of its advantages is readability – codes in Python are usually neater and prettier. There are no opening and ending braces to indicate some portion of your code as blocks – you need to maintain indentation strictly. That’s cool! Python offers you variety of data-types: from simple boolean to lists, dictionaries etc.

How To Create A Simple WebView Android Application?
By C. Anthony Esposito II
WebView applications are a great place to start learning to write for Android and will come in quite useful throughout your coding career. The application we are going to build now is simply going to launch a specific website from within the application. After creating the new Android project you should have generated the standard XML and Java files. We are going to start with XML. Expand your new project and locate and open your AndroidManifest.xml.

What should you know about Android before you start to develop Android apps?
By Siva Kumar
Android provides an open development platform, so Developers have full access to the same framework APIs used by the core applications. Developers are free to take advantage of the device hardware, access location information, run background services, set alarms, add notifications to the status bar, and much, much more.

Creating A Database In Android Using SQLite
By Dilip Kumar Chaudhary
Underlying Algorithm is a sample activity which shows how to create and access Sqlite database (execute database query like insert, update, show and delete) in your Android application. After reading this article you will be able to access SQLite Database in your Android application. We assume, you have some basic knowledge of SQL and Android Application programming Language.

Stairway To Spatial Data Manipulation For HTML5 Canvas (2D)
By Tao Ruangyam
HTML5 seems like a vivid light bulb in the crowd these days. One key reason is a stunning lightsaber which enables spatial graphic to be rendered right on the web page and it is called Canvas. Just like Flash and ActionScript, Canvas is a graphic container object which allows developers to conveniently draw and control graphics by JavaScript.

Interview with Lakshman Prasad and Shabda Raaj
By Jeff Weaver
Lakshman Prasad and Shabda Raaj are founders of Agiliq. Lakshman is a frequent speaker and has spoken about Django at many places including Pycon India, and Great Indian Developer Summit. Shabda loves technology and web development. Primary tools he uses are Django, Python and Javascript. They both worked at Oracle before founding Agiliq.

Interview with Roman Zhukov
By Codersky Team
Roman is Chief Executive Officer in ETNA Software committed to bringing together the best engineering talent with a customer-oriented business strategy.Throughout his career, Roman managed the development of several large-scale projects for global financial organizations such as Allianz, Genesis Securities/SogoTrade, ACT Forex etc.

How to create a simple WebView Android Application?How to create a simple WebView Android Application? - Teaser
How to create a simple WebView Android Application?

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