Software Developer’s Journal 2/2012 (7)

Software Developer’s Journal 2/2012 (7)  teaserSoftware Developer’s Journal 2/2012 (7) teaser - Teaser
Software Developer’s Journal 2/2012 (7)  teaser

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Django Framework – Meeting Deadlines
by Wojciech Jurkowlaniec

Django is, as many other frameworks, based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. It fits perfectly into web development, as its overall concept defines the data flow for applications with graphical user interface. Ruby on Rails, currently one of the most popular web framework, making the pattern popular. Django was one to redesign it, calling it Model-Template-View (MTV), because the controller work is handled by the core and all the excitement happens in models, templates and views.

Devices Everywhere!
by Manfred Jehle

Small and smallest devices get more and more common.
How can we picture such end devices? Most of them do not have a display or a limited functionality and they are integrated in a system to execute special functions or deliver data to a data collector. But the future devices will do more than a RFID device can do at the moment. What are the strategies to develop and build efficient end devices with more than simple functionalities in the context of virtualisation and cloud computing?

Improving SQL Server Performance – Tips and Guidelines
by Girish Prabhu

When we work on the MS SQL Server for any huge set of data, we need to be very careful about the performance of the queries we write. A well written, relationally correct query written against a well designed relationally correct schema or database model that uses correct indices produces a system that performs really well and is very much scalable. (…) Smaller steps that you keep in mind can really help you write high performing application. I would like to comment on few points that I noticed to improve the performance of the application.
Theory and Practice of Continuous Integration
by Andrey Volkov

Continuous integration is the process that gives the developer confidence, it also gives manager tools for monitoring and control, and the user has a quality product.
It is considered that CI implementation is a lengthy process requiring a lot of resources. It is partly true, but the tools available to the modern developer could significantly simplify and speed up the process. We will discuss such tools, programs and utilities in the clause “Example of CI implementation”

How to Avoid Piracy- Content Privacy in Public Facing Websites
by Ramesh Rajamani
In modern times, piracy has rocketed with the increased usage of internet. The problem of internet piracy did not gain attention until Napster gained an enormous following in 1990. Today, content piracy has become so prevalent, that almost a quarter of all internet traffic infringes global anti-piracy laws. The growing access to pirated material can be attributed to advancements in bandwidth technology and digital formats for mobile devices.

Testing in Python
by Alexandre Conrad
A lot of people think that writing tests takes too much time and kills your productivity. And I was one of them. When I had to write tests, I later understood how wrong I was. It made me remember how pleasant writing software was, just as in my early days, when I started writing code full of bugs, but did not realize it yet. Moreover, I would say that tests are great against the worst kind of bugs: the ones you thought you fixed, but “came back”. These will make you pull your hair, driving you crazy.

If you do not know how to write tests, this tutorial is a great read to get yourself on solid grounds. I will walk you through the very basics of testing.

Testing Strategies in ASP.NET MVC
by Bill Wagner
ASP.NET MVC introduced a new web toolkit for .NET developers. It was designed to be more cohesive with the standard web development model, and to provide a better platform for testing web application.
Unfortunately, too many developers are not familiar with the way that ASP.NET MVC supports testing. I often find developers adopting many poor testing practices. In this article, author will explain many of the techniques that make it easier to test your code, not the framework, and create more robust and high quality websites using ASP.NET MVC.

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