The Cloud Assessment Framework






The Cloud Assessment Framework
A toolkit for avoiding risk, security, cost and governance pitfalls
One-day Workshop
17 May 2012, Rydges Melbourne, Australia

Introduction to the Cloud Assessment Framework

If you’re not considering Cloud computing for your organisation now, you will almost certainly be doing so at some point in the future, and knowing how to assess the relevant factors is crucial to achieving your intended benefits with certainty.

Given the current large amount of ‘hype’ surrounding the Cloud, this workshop targets executives and managers that are attracted by the intrinsic appeal of Cloud computing, and are seeking to clearly understand and navigate around all the potential or hidden pitfalls.

In this one-day workshop Rob Livingstone will work with you to unearth and expose the relevant questions that you need to ask of your key stakeholders to ensure that you have a crystal clear understanding of the underlying value proposition of Cloud technologies for your organisation, not only now, but at any time in the future.

You’ll explore the privacy, security, commercial, contractual, regulatory, cost, risk and internal governance factors you should be aware of and you’ll be provided with an evergreen, vendor and technology independent assessment framework with which to manage your Cloud transition.

Each participant will also receive a complimentary copy of
Rob Livingstone’s book
‘Navigating through the Cloud’

Feedback from Rob’s past presentation:

‘The CEOs all learned a lot and came away with both a clearer understanding of cloud computing, and what questions to consider and address when they are looking at their cloud strategy. Rob has that unusual combination of being IT savvy, but also commercially and business focused, which helped make this a very relevant session for the CEOs. Rob provided a valuable business perspective to a complex IT issue” –

James O’Toole, Joint Managing Director, CEO Forum Group

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