Codersky – Web Application Development 3/2012

Introduction to Web Workers
By Kevin Ruse
Have you ever seen a “Unresponsive JavaScript” alert box? This occurs because a long-running Javascript is running very slow and while it is trying to run it halts all other user activity, such as clicking on buttons, dynamically changing CSS, etc. The browser intervenes to ask if you would like to halt the execution of this slow running script. To solve this problem the Web Worker API allows scripts to run independently of any other user interface script.

Creating an Android ‘Hello World’ App with Subversion
By Jessica Thornsby
One of the common criticisms leveled at Apache Subversion is that, as a non-distributed version control system, Subversion is outdated – the future belongs to distributed version control systems like GIT. However, new Subversion-based tools like uberSVN are helping to keep Subversion at the forefront of version control, even after almost twelve years!

Firemonkey Styles – First Steps
By Paul Foster
All controls and components have one, even the grey (or the colour of your choice) background of a form is done with a style. Styles are, simply, a tree like hierarchy of primitive shapes, animations, effects and even (in some cases) other controls; they are very similar to forms and the text which controls their construction in Delphi. Just like the Form Designer in Delphi (or indeed the IDE of your choice) these Styles require an editor to make changing them palatable.

Must Have Tools for Web Development
By Alex Mokkas
Golden Ratio: Every good designer should know the magic number 1.618 (or 1.62), which is the Golden Ratio. So, if you want to make a website with a divine sense of aesthetics, then you should use the Golden Ratio Calculator. A real example that is based on the Golden Ratio is Twitter.

Improving Business Intelligence Lineage through an Integrated Metadata Framework
By Dr William Yeoh
In recent years, business intelligence (BI) applications have emerged as one of the top ten spending priorities for many CIOs (Gartner 2011a). It is reported that the worldwide business intelligence and analytics software revenue surpassed US$10 billion dollars in 2010 (Gartner 2011b). According to Wixom and Watson (2010), business intelligence is “a broad category of technologies, applications, and processes used for gathering, storing, accessing, and analysing data to help its users make better decisions”.

Interview with Roland Sprengseis
By Jeff Weaver
Roland Sprengseis studied Software Engineering at the University for Applied Science in Hagenberg, Austria. After working for Ericsson, Finland and the research institute “Software Competence Center Hagenberg”, Austria, Roland – together with Wolfgang Stockner – founded bluesource – mobile solutions in 2001.

Interview with Julia Zagoruiko
By Codersky Team
Julia Zagoruiko is the Director of Mobile Development at INTERSOG. A pivotal force within the company since its initial founding, Julia currently heads up all client-based projects, in addition to overseeing the development and expansion of the INTERSOG’s internal application lines.

Interview with Max Konev
By Jeff Weaver
Max Konev is CTO of Arello Mobile – IT consulting company and mobile solutions provider. Max is an experienced IT Consultant who used to work for the biggest New Zealand Telecom and Media agencies. With a thorough understanding of software development life cycle and a passion for unlocking potential of the mobile platforms he supervises all the research and development activities in the company.

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